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Tips for Social Media Marketing


Social Media is a very powerful way of marketing and it can increase your customers dramatically. Follow these 10 laws that will help you build a foundation that will serve your customers and you:

  1. The Law of Listening:Listen to

VR getting more real, touch things with your hand


Whenever you put on a VR headset, naturally you want to touch and interact with things with your hand. Now that is possible with Leap Motion Sensor. This company has been working on this technology called Orion for a long Read More >>

Destination Essex Evernote Notebook

So after Creative Director MEDINA was on the Panel for Destination Essex at The Grove in Cedar Grove NJ he wanted to leave a gift to Entrepreneurs and small business owners. This gift was an Evernote Notebook, in this notebook Read More >>

Art of Negotiating

So after years, and I mean YEARS of coming to the table to justify my Haus’ pricing; I have learned that after the initial proposal process, it is essential to be well prepared to negotiate your fee. After all, this Read More >>

Content Management Systems (CMS)

I know many of you are wondering what is all this wordpress about? What is the power of the blog? And how can I use it. Well Bloggers and many companies are now utilizing the power of Content Management Systems Read More >>

Question: What is the best part of Medina=Citi?

I’ve always believed that the culture and atmosphere of an organization comes from the persona of the owner. He or she sets the tone for everything that comes after, including productivity and employees.

I’d imagine that the bureaucratic  cultures are

Tales of an Intern

Interning is one of the most important things college students have to keep in mind. Yes, your professors try to teach the skills they should impart to a student by graduation; but there are some things that cannot be taught Read More >>

The Need for Caffiene: A CITI Camp Story

What does it take for the members of the MEDINA = CITI camp to stampede over their workstations, send nasty FB posts, and verbally bitch slap anyone within spitting distance? Keep them from their hits of sweet, dark, and necessary Read More >>

Newark’s State of the City Address

On Tuesday, March 1st, The CITI Camp was granted the honor of attending Newark’s State of the City Address by the Honorable Cory Booker. Let’s be clear: it’s been a rough year for both the Mayor and the Read More >>