Tips for Social Media Marketing

SocialSocial Media is a very powerful way of marketing and it can increase your customers dramatically. Follow these 10 laws that will help you build a foundation that will serve your customers and you:

  1. The Law of Listening:Listen to your customers. Read about your target costumers and interact with them to know them better.
  2. The Law of Focus:Create a highly focused marketing strategy that targets you customers rather than creating broad marketing strategy.
  3. The Law of Quality:Quality over Quantity. Its better of you have 100 followers that read and share your things rather than having 1000 followers who don’t read and don’t care about the stuff you post.
  4. The Law of Patience:Your followers wont go up within a night. Be patient and you will see the results eventually.
  5. The Law of Compounding:If you publish more interesting and unique work, people will share it with their followers which will increase the search engine rating of your company.
  6. The Law of Influence:Find people that would be interested in your product and services. Connect with those people and work on the relationship you have with them. If they like your product, they may be a very big part in your success.
  7. The Law of Value:Don’t just post about your product, add some values and inspirational post. Customers wont look at your social media if you just brag about your product, try to connect with your customer and show them your company is better than the rest.
  8. The Law of Acknowledgment:Acknowledge every person that reaches out to you. Building relationship with your customer is the key for success.
  9. The Law of Accessibility:Be available to your audience, don’t just publish your content and disappear. If you disappear for a week or more, people may forget about you and never come back.
  10. The Law of Reciprocity:You cant expect others to follow you or share your content if you don’t do the same thing for them. Share and talk about other peoples post and they will do the same for you.


Explore the depth of oceans with low-cost personal submarine

The Trident

Over 71% of the earth is covered in water and it remains to be unexplored as its expensive to do that. David Land and Eric Stackpole are one of these explorer and treasure hunters who want to explore these oceans, but it was too expensive for them to do that. They decided to make their own low-cost submarine called the Trident. This robot is a cost efficient way to explore the unknown places beneath the ocean. This robot can be controlled with any smartphone, laptop or joystick. It can also be connected to VR headset that makes the exploration more fun. The Trident also sends a live HD feed to the user with a thin cable. This robot can fit in your backpack and it is very easy to use.

VR getting more real, touch things with your hand


Whenever you put on a VR headset, naturally you want to touch and interact with things with your hand. Now that is possible with Leap Motion Sensor. This company has been working on this technology called Orion for a long time and they came up with many prototypes, but these prototype were not accurate. To present this product, Leap Motion designed a prototype which you can strap on to latest Gear VR and connect it through USB type C port. Compared to any other VR headsets, mobile VR headsets are somewhat hard to use because of touch pad or a controller. Leap Motion Mobile Platform has no remote or any kind of other devices to control the headset, all you need is your hands and you are ready to-go. It also doesn’t need any kind of external camera to read the hand gestures of the user. There are lots of things that are expected from a VR headset but for now Leap Motion is way ahead of all other company.

Destination Essex Evernote Notebook

So after Creative Director MEDINA was on the Panel for Destination Essex at The Grove in Cedar Grove NJ he wanted to leave a gift to Entrepreneurs and small business owners. This gift was an Evernote Notebook, in this notebook was reference material and links to various tools that will help in securing or improving your online presence by way of social media. many would ask why we would share all this information, the answer is simple, we wish you only success, if your budget is lean then work on Doing it Yourself, and when you need design support and guidance you can always reach out to us. We here at the CITI camp practice what we preach and so by giving you great information and tools we are solidifying ourselves as experts, and please believe that we are always ahead of the curb.

As a Graphics and Multimedia Design haus, we encourage our clients to be active in their social media and if they are in need of professional maintenance or even set up we are here for them. We are happy to give guidance and information to help entrepreneurs advance themselves so here is our gift to you!

Social Media 101

Always Clean, Creative, and Sophisticated,


Art of Negotiating

So after years, and I mean YEARS of coming to the table to justify my Haus’ pricing; I have learned that after the initial proposal process, it is essential to be well prepared to negotiate your fee. After all, this is the amount you will be paid for your hard work and time, and the end product. So in the effort to aid and abet in helping you secure your amount we thought to give you some easy solutions. Now far be it for us to say that we are experts but we will throw in some of their opinions as well.

In the initial conversation people often give you a fast synopsis of their needs and or requirements. This will often then lead them to ask you for your pricing. We often recommend against giving any rushed quotes if there are variables that haven’t been answered. If you work in a product oriented industry where the price is set, please set your product to have the right level of profit. The product at least needs to cover the overhead price to make said product. But from my own experience of providing a service, with often tiered and various levels, the pricing can vary dramatically. But the bottomline is that if you speak with confidence and you negotiate correctly, you are worth your price.

So you have met said client for the first time, lets then follow up the inperson or opening communication with a follow up meeting. We at the CITI camp use this opening meeting as an opportunity to delve into the prospective clients’ project and boy can they vary (billboards, social media campaigns, branding, Web development, integrate advertising planning), and along with them comes various levels of budgets. But we NEVER speak numbers until after our initial meeting. We ask the prospective clients for several questions and in return ask them to share their vision, dream, target success point! We want to know all aspects so we can then tailor the project proposal to them. In this proposal, we detail their needs and how what tools we would use to make the project successful. Then lastly our proposed budget is wrapped in a bow (not literally, we don’t do bows at MEDINA = CITI). Afterwards our clients respond, call, email or we meet to follow up for a budgets meeting.

Now pay attention people, that is our “ideal” situation, but there are times when we have to have budget meetings. This is where the negotiation process happens, most experts say the battle for price is often won or loss before you enter the conference room. This is so true! Entrepreneurs know your bottom line. The bottom line is your absolute lowest price you will take. This is important because you never want to take on a project that will in fact be more effort than return. This is business so put your emotions on the back burner. Tthe only reason you should take a job at a lower than a bottom line amount is for the opportunity for further exposure, solid opportunities not promised ones. But really go in with what your optimal price point is. One of our key points, is to give a client a product that is within their price point but remove elements to stay within an adequate price point for your company. An example, “I can provide you with A, B, and C but D, E, and F are not possible at this budget. Perhaps we can observe these elements in phase 2.” I am giving the client a solid product but have removed certain elements that make it come into their budget and opened up possibilities for future work.

So this wraps up the art of negotiation. Be knowledgeable about what is being asked or the price of your product, you want to make a profit. So you can continue to provide your service and live your dream, essentially.

INC has an awesome article on How to Negotiate

Want to know more about the Art of negotiating we loved Entrepreneurs article on it.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

I know many of you are wondering what is all this wordpress about? What is the power of the blog? And how can I use it. Well Bloggers and many companies are now utilizing the power of Content Management Systems or CMS are systems or sites that manage your content, Sounds Repetitive?

Yes, I thought so too, but in actuality it is a whole new experience for different industries. As we already know content is everything from photos, music, videos, text to just about anything that you can possibly store on the hard drive. CMS helps us by simply providing a place to upload, create, display our files and control and manage their appearance online.

CMS allows you to control your website, to choose what to upload and also to allow for an online dialogue with readers. Many companies have chosen to utilize blogging to establish themselves as leaders in their field. As an entrepreneur you can gain viewers and customers by giving your thoughts and expertise in your industry, what could it hurt to tell someone for example the best way to make your outfits better in 5 minutes if you were a stylist, or if you were a sleek and cutting edge Design Haus (ahem) maybe you would want to give out helpful tips about design and being a boutique business.

To be the example MEDINA = CITI uses its blogs to share with our viewers design tips, to give entrepreneurs tips on how to be stronger better faster and rule the world, and also to showcase our stellar clients.  This allows us to build a community and we genuinely want our community successful. But, more about CMS . . .

Website Developers can also create websites where clients can ultimately change, add or remove any data from their websites without having to know HTML, CSS or any other web programing language. This can be a custom experience for visitors where one can have a totally branded site, and visitors will know they are gaining this information primarily from your company.

The two most popular CMS sites are WordPress and Joomla, users are constantly going back and forth about which one is better. So which one is it WordPress or Joomla? Here at Medina=Citi we utilize WordPress, but many who have used both say that it is all a matter of personal preference because they offer the same services. The difference is the location of certain tools. Other CMS platforms are Drupal, SilverStripe, Cushy CMS, Frog CMS, MODx, TYPOlight just to name a few but WordPress and Joomla seem to be the most discussed and currently are the leaders.

Question: What is the best part of Medina=Citi?

I’ve always believed that the culture and atmosphere of an organization comes from the persona of the owner. He or she sets the tone for everything that comes after, including productivity and employees.

I’d imagine that the bureaucratic  cultures are lead by the more machine-like personas. Every decision is made by your employee manual. You clock in, you clock out. There isn’t much left up to discussion or personal opinion. The rules are just that, rules.

How about the structure of management? Linear or a web? Vertical or Horizontal? Of course there are pros and cons to all. But establishing this is necessary. You can’t have an organization function properly without direction.
At Medina=Citi, our unique characteristic is family.  Our success as individuals and as a company is not a product of our cash flow, clientele, networking or other business attributes. It’s  from taking team morning jogs to set the mood for the rest of the work day. Sharing meals together at over favorite restaurant. Having “pow wows”, where we encourage and motivate each other. And having a management structure where the arrows in the diagram go back and forth rather than one way. In this environment, stress doesn’t last long. A helping hand is already lending itself to you.

A culture can’t be taught or bought, but embraced.  The Medina=Citi team is Medina=Family.

Answer: Our culture

For more on building company culture we have found some excellent articles at:

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Tales of an Intern

Interning is one of the most important things college students have to keep in mind. Yes, your professors try to teach the skills they should impart to a student by graduation; but there are some things that cannot be taught in a classroom, such as how to be an effective worker or how to apply the skills you have acquired in your classes to your day-to-day work-day.

As an intern you can scope out the field that you want to work for. This way you learn more about the industry to see if there is a right fit for you. I can imagine that many people’s perspectives change after having such an opportunity. Some probably realize that what they thought they wanted wasn’t really for them, while others fit in perfectly.

An internship offers real hands-on experience that a classroom falls short on.  I say ‘real’ because you are no longer designing for your teacher and a grade. You are crafting works of art that will be publicly displayed to portray an aspect of a client. Do you think a grade is scary? Knowing that depending on how well you are able to portray your client in the Graphic Design Field could make or break you is scarier.
After the first couple of weeks in your internship or even once you have completed your first internship, you have more knowledge of what to expect in the field. And you can determine if this life style is a good fit for you. For myself, I am currently working at my first internship. And thankfully I am one of the one’s who fit perfectly.
Others might not be so lucky, so my advice to anyone who reads this is to intern as soon as possible. Colleges normally say Junior or Senior year, but I believe that after freshmen year students should look at interning in their respective fields. Finding out Senior year that what you thought you wanted to do for a living is not the fit for you is tragic and very unfortunate.
I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 3D Animation and I am currently interning at Medina=Citi. I have learned more in these two months than a whole year of traditional schooling. My experience here has been rich and full of self-improvement. I am beginning to understand more design concepts and how to design for my clients. Most importantly, I am becoming more confident in my talent to design. Although I still have a lot to learn I think I am headed in the right direction.
Miguel Rodriguez-Castiñeyra

The Need for Caffiene: A CITI Camp Story

What does it take for the members of the MEDINA = CITI camp to stampede over their workstations, send nasty FB posts, and verbally bitch slap anyone within spitting distance? Keep them from their hits of sweet, dark, and necessary caffeine. Pick your poison: espresso, latte, macchiato, or American Joe –  if it is not in stock, you might as well close our French doors and call it a day.

If it does just so happen that our personal stocks run out, however, we’ve found a perfect solution that not only meets the need for coffee, but also keeps our mental juices flowing and fresh. We get out of the office and move ourselves to different venues – changing up the atmosphere and putting a new perspective on things. Our favorite thing is a new find – discovering a little known coffee establishment – it doesn’t always have to be Starbucks, you know? We frequent and canvas for new spots to get our fix. Having locations both in New York City and Newark gives us the benefit of having two cities to explore. One spot we have fallen for is The Cafe at Ander across from Bryant Park. The Cafe features great decor and an assortment of caffeinated vices, The Americano, various Chai concoctions, and the standard espresso. They do the most spectacular foam designs, too. This is where we held our design team caucus – discussing the new brand and our suggestions for spreading the word, plus new projects. Afterward, I suggested we run to another spot to see what their espresso has to offer – yes, just moments after sucking from the teat, we go in for more… hey, creatives need to be stimulated constantly, honestly some if them might sell their mothers downstream for a cinnamon dolce.

We then strolled to 42nd street, snapping photos, laughing and generally making a ruckus through the streets of Manhattan. We came to D’espresso, a small (and I mean small), but well designed coffee spot, boasting floor to ceiling bookcase wallpaper and t-shirts cleverly labeled “suck” and “bite.” Stellar branding, right down to the napkins printed with ” hmmmmm” across them. Their website ( is a single page – to the point and interesting, calling you to visit their two venues. Best of all, after we made use of all their branding materials, was the oh-so- sweet, delicious and sinful taste of espresso. Ahh, CITI life.

Newark’s State of the City Address

On Tuesday, March 1st, The CITI Camp was granted the honor of attending Newark’s State of the City Address by the Honorable Cory Booker. Let’s be clear: it’s been a rough year for both the Mayor and the city  ­-  from the budget meltdown, to police lay-offs, from charter school controversies, to rising crime… Newark is in a precarious position, to say the least. However, after hearing the mayor’s speech about both the challenges and opportunities in store for this city, I think it’s safe to say many Newarkers who attended feel as if things are starting to move in the right direction again.

Newark is definitely working  toward making a way to financially empower itself:  the Mayor unveiled new prospects for 2011 that will greatly impact Newark and attract new business to the city:  Bartlett Dairy will host a distribution center in the South Ward, Ironbound Production Studios, currently under construction, will be complete by this year. Manischewitz, the largest producer of kosher foods, will move its global headquarters to Newark and finally, Newark is going to get a mega-movie theatre! I’m excited – and these just a few of the positive moves the mayor and the city council have worked to bring to the city!

A few years ago, we set up shop in Newark because we believe in the potential in this city and its people…  We’re on the verge of a new renaissance here, and no one ever said that creating renaissances is easy work. Yes, we’ll stumble,   get bloody and bruised, but as long as we get up and keep moving, that renaissance will bear amazing fruit. The Citi camp is proud to be a part of this amazing city, and proud to be a part of the positive moves in Newark.

For More inforamtion jump to NJ.coms Article  Newark Mayor Cory Booker Delivers Fifth State of the City Address