Content Management Systems (CMS)

I know many of you are wondering what is all this wordpress about? What is the power of the blog? And how can I use it. Well Bloggers and many companies are now utilizing the power of Content Management Systems or CMS are systems or sites that manage your content, Sounds Repetitive?

Yes, I thought so too, but in actuality it is a whole new experience for different industries. As we already know content is everything from photos, music, videos, text to just about anything that you can possibly store on the hard drive. CMS helps us by simply providing a place to upload, create, display our files and control and manage their appearance online.

CMS allows you to control your website, to choose what to upload and also to allow for an online dialogue with readers. Many companies have chosen to utilize blogging to establish themselves as leaders in their field. As an entrepreneur you can gain viewers and customers by giving your thoughts and expertise in your industry, what could it hurt to tell someone for example the best way to make your outfits better in 5 minutes if you were a stylist, or if you were a sleek and cutting edge Design Haus (ahem) maybe you would want to give out helpful tips about design and being a boutique business.

To be the example MEDINA = CITI uses its blogs to share with our viewers design tips, to give entrepreneurs tips on how to be stronger better faster and rule the world, and also to showcase our stellar clients.  This allows us to build a community and we genuinely want our community successful. But, more about CMS . . .

Website Developers can also create websites where clients can ultimately change, add or remove any data from their websites without having to know HTML, CSS or any other web programing language. This can be a custom experience for visitors where one can have a totally branded site, and visitors will know they are gaining this information primarily from your company.

The two most popular CMS sites are WordPress and Joomla, users are constantly going back and forth about which one is better. So which one is it WordPress or Joomla? Here at Medina=Citi we utilize WordPress, but many who have used both say that it is all a matter of personal preference because they offer the same services. The difference is the location of certain tools. Other CMS platforms are Drupal, SilverStripe, Cushy CMS, Frog CMS, MODx, TYPOlight just to name a few but WordPress and Joomla seem to be the most discussed and currently are the leaders.