DC Inspiration: Secondi

While walking through the Washington DC metro area in search of clean, creative, and sophisticated inspiration points, I noticed that it had been nearly a year since I’d been to DC and so much jumped out at once – modern architecture making it’s way through traditional structures and restaurants boasting everything from fusion to all types of great treat. The most obvious change was the people themselves – there was a less conservative flavor to the garb, people wearing more than the tried and true suits I was used to. Washington was loosening up and I was okay with that.

We came across Secondi, a haven for the Washington fashionista, boasting some stellar labels in its Dupont Circle boutique. Specializing in classic consignment pieces, Secondi is a privately held vintage haven with labels from Boss to Coach, Zac Posen to estate pieces. There were sun lit sitting alcoves everywhere for groups to just relax and enjoy the clothing the way it was intended to be viewed. Clothing here is not just something you put on your back, but a visual extension of who you are and, in those rare moments, a work of art for you to wear. We at the CITI camp are huge on creative expression and clothing is our weapon of choice, second only to our client design projects (of course) When we visited, the place was bustling with young women. The manager Shannon, is a woman with obvious style, sporting all of my favorite elements – silver jewelry, black and white color blocking – beauty right down to the ink on her arm. She was delighted to speak with us about Secondi and the changing trends in the DC area.

Q: Are there any new developments in DC that are hugely noticeable? 

A: Well, no one asks if I am from New York anymore. The style has changed in that people are less conservative.

Q: Any runway labels featured here ?

A: Yes, we actually had some Richrd Ruiz pieces here that were scooped up almost immediately.

Q: How Long has Secondi been here?

A: Oh 25 years, but we were across the street prior to this. Ms Callison, the  proprietor of this establishment, has clear vision on the pieces we carry and undeniable taste. From a business standpoint, she also has the chops to keep her boutique open and growing for 25 years.

Along with name brand labels, Secondi supplies its inventory on Facebook and has a shipment process. This is a creative and underutilized option for clothing retailers. Facebook has the power to link people of certain demographics together and, through their advertising system, pull profiles that match with a niche market – in this case clothing obsessed vintage stalkers (ahem myself).  So, for those aspiring collectors in the DC area and beyond, take a look at Secondi – it will be worth the stop.

Clean, Creative, and Sophisticated, MEDINA