Destination Essex Evernote Notebook

So after Creative Director MEDINA was on the Panel for Destination Essex at The Grove in Cedar Grove NJ he wanted to leave a gift to Entrepreneurs and small business owners. This gift was an Evernote Notebook, in this notebook was reference material and links to various tools that will help in securing or improving your online presence by way of social media. many would ask why we would share all this information, the answer is simple, we wish you only success, if your budget is lean then work on Doing it Yourself, and when you need design support and guidance you can always reach out to us. We here at the CITI camp practice what we preach and so by giving you great information and tools we are solidifying ourselves as experts, and please believe that we are always ahead of the curb.

As a Graphics and Multimedia Design haus, we encourage our clients to be active in their social media and if they are in need of professional maintenance or even set up we are here for them. We are happy to give guidance and information to help entrepreneurs advance themselves so here is our gift to you!

Social Media 101

Always Clean, Creative, and Sophisticated,