Newark’s State of the City Address

On Tuesday, March 1st, The CITI Camp was granted the honor of attending Newark’s State of the City Address by the Honorable Cory Booker. Let’s be clear: it’s been a rough year for both the Mayor and the city  ­-  from the budget meltdown, to police lay-offs, from charter school controversies, to rising crime… Newark is in a precarious position, to say the least. However, after hearing the mayor’s speech about both the challenges and opportunities in store for this city, I think it’s safe to say many Newarkers who attended feel as if things are starting to move in the right direction again.

Newark is definitely working  toward making a way to financially empower itself:  the Mayor unveiled new prospects for 2011 that will greatly impact Newark and attract new business to the city:  Bartlett Dairy will host a distribution center in the South Ward, Ironbound Production Studios, currently under construction, will be complete by this year. Manischewitz, the largest producer of kosher foods, will move its global headquarters to Newark and finally, Newark is going to get a mega-movie theatre! I’m excited – and these just a few of the positive moves the mayor and the city council have worked to bring to the city!

A few years ago, we set up shop in Newark because we believe in the potential in this city and its people…  We’re on the verge of a new renaissance here, and no one ever said that creating renaissances is easy work. Yes, we’ll stumble,   get bloody and bruised, but as long as we get up and keep moving, that renaissance will bear amazing fruit. The Citi camp is proud to be a part of this amazing city, and proud to be a part of the positive moves in Newark.

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