Tales of an Intern

Interning is one of the most important things college students have to keep in mind. Yes, your professors try to teach the skills they should impart to a student by graduation; but there are some things that cannot be taught in a classroom, such as how to be an effective worker or how to apply the skills you have acquired in your classes to your day-to-day work-day.

As an intern you can scope out the field that you want to work for. This way you learn more about the industry to see if there is a right fit for you. I can imagine that many people’s perspectives change after having such an opportunity. Some probably realize that what they thought they wanted wasn’t really for them, while others fit in perfectly.

An internship offers real hands-on experience that a classroom falls short on.  I say ‘real’ because you are no longer designing for your teacher and a grade. You are crafting works of art that will be publicly displayed to portray an aspect of a client. Do you think a grade is scary? Knowing that depending on how well you are able to portray your client in the Graphic Design Field could make or break you is scarier.
After the first couple of weeks in your internship or even once you have completed your first internship, you have more knowledge of what to expect in the field. And you can determine if this life style is a good fit for you. For myself, I am currently working at my first internship. And thankfully I am one of the one’s who fit perfectly.
Others might not be so lucky, so my advice to anyone who reads this is to intern as soon as possible. Colleges normally say Junior or Senior year, but I believe that after freshmen year students should look at interning in their respective fields. Finding out Senior year that what you thought you wanted to do for a living is not the fit for you is tragic and very unfortunate.
I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 3D Animation and I am currently interning at Medina=Citi. I have learned more in these two months than a whole year of traditional schooling. My experience here has been rich and full of self-improvement. I am beginning to understand more design concepts and how to design for my clients. Most importantly, I am becoming more confident in my talent to design. Although I still have a lot to learn I think I am headed in the right direction.
Miguel Rodriguez-Castiñeyra