The Keys to a Green Facility

In 2010 MEDINA = CITI decided it was time to grow, to move to a new facility, this move prompted hard questions as to where and what we wanted. We are a small boutique design haus and we sincerely wanted our clients to step into our world. A relaxing, unique and inviting space, an environment that not only welcomed them but one that they wouldn’t want to leave. Our signature of the company is to be Clean, Creative, and Sophisticated. So we went to work on looking for new spaces that encompassed our tag. We all agreed on some pretty essential needs: it had to be open, there had to be a place where no light could penetrate for video editing and photoshoots, and it had to allow for coziness and warmth. Most importantly, we needed to make sure the building was multi level, enabling us to live in the same building as the company (this being due to my obsession with our clients being happy). Now the last and biggest decision: bring the company into a completely green or Carbon Neutral environment.

Now companies decide to go green for so many reasons, from philanthropic to realistic measures; going green has major environmental benefits and reciprocally great business advantages. Now there is a myriad of ways to make your company a little greener, and thus better. MEDINA = CITI chose to make some changes literally from the foundation up. First and foremost we sought out spaces that were completely green, meaning the building attained a LEED Certification.

Our space is located in a Green Urban Development – the first ever developed in a metropolitan area- Lincoln Park, nestled in the arts district ( Doesn’t the district just suit us ? ) of Newark, New Jersey. We fell in love with not only the area but the building, aesthetically green doesn’t mean ugly and minimalist- this space was constructed to reflect the grandeur of classic brownstones with a modern twist and full green sensibilities in every brick and every fixture. We then chose to create a green strategy: This endeavor would only be successful if we actually sat down and consciously thought of how we affected our environment. We made list of the few big things we could do and the smaller things (They count, people).

The second biggest choice was to make a creative space and only use consignment, or second hand furniture to furnish our office and studio. This for us was a great project and we thought we could show our constituents that green can be awesome, beautiful and used in every-way. So from garbage cans to couches, desks to floor treatments green was the directive.

Take a look at our space. It has become an everyday reminder to us that to be successful is not only about profit margins or great design work, it is in our commitment to having a conscience in our practices and our social responsibilities.

Now we found some great guideline to start our Green initiative at Suit1o1
Here are listed some from our initiatives:

Switching light bulbs to energy efficient is quick but more importantly eventually cost efficient as energy efficient bulbs have longer life spans.

Recycling is an oldie but a goodie! Everyone recycles but they are finding great things to do with recycled materials even making furniture out of it.

Printing only when critical (we have a host of printers but they are minimally used because we can do digital signature via Echosign which provides e signatures

Purchasing high grade energy efficient equipment. We prefer HP and. Apple not only for their commitment to the environment but also great incentives for small businesses.

The most challenging but important was to reduce our carbon footprint by walking or taking public transportation. We brought the rest of the company on board with our initiative.
Whether you take the large steps or the small steps any and all will help bring your company closer to being green and all of us closer to keeping our planet healthier.

Clean, Creative, and Sophisticated, MEDINA