The Need for Caffiene: A CITI Camp Story

What does it take for the members of the MEDINA = CITI camp to stampede over their workstations, send nasty FB posts, and verbally bitch slap anyone within spitting distance? Keep them from their hits of sweet, dark, and necessary caffeine. Pick your poison: espresso, latte, macchiato, or American Joe –  if it is not in stock, you might as well close our French doors and call it a day.

If it does just so happen that our personal stocks run out, however, we’ve found a perfect solution that not only meets the need for coffee, but also keeps our mental juices flowing and fresh. We get out of the office and move ourselves to different venues – changing up the atmosphere and putting a new perspective on things. Our favorite thing is a new find – discovering a little known coffee establishment – it doesn’t always have to be Starbucks, you know? We frequent and canvas for new spots to get our fix. Having locations both in New York City and Newark gives us the benefit of having two cities to explore. One spot we have fallen for is The Cafe at Ander across from Bryant Park. The Cafe features great decor and an assortment of caffeinated vices, The Americano, various Chai concoctions, and the standard espresso. They do the most spectacular foam designs, too. This is where we held our design team caucus – discussing the new brand and our suggestions for spreading the word, plus new projects. Afterward, I suggested we run to another spot to see what their espresso has to offer – yes, just moments after sucking from the teat, we go in for more… hey, creatives need to be stimulated constantly, honestly some if them might sell their mothers downstream for a cinnamon dolce.

We then strolled to 42nd street, snapping photos, laughing and generally making a ruckus through the streets of Manhattan. We came to D’espresso, a small (and I mean small), but well designed coffee spot, boasting floor to ceiling bookcase wallpaper and t-shirts cleverly labeled “suck” and “bite.” Stellar branding, right down to the napkins printed with ” hmmmmm” across them. Their website ( is a single page – to the point and interesting, calling you to visit their two venues. Best of all, after we made use of all their branding materials, was the oh-so- sweet, delicious and sinful taste of espresso. Ahh, CITI life.