Tips for Social Media Marketing

SocialSocial Media is a very powerful way of marketing and it can increase your customers dramatically. Follow these 10 laws that will help you build a foundation that will serve your customers and you:

  1. The Law of Listening:Listen to your customers. Read about your target costumers and interact with them to know them better.
  2. The Law of Focus:Create a highly focused marketing strategy that targets you customers rather than creating broad marketing strategy.
  3. The Law of Quality:Quality over Quantity. Its better of you have 100 followers that read and share your things rather than having 1000 followers who don’t read and don’t care about the stuff you post.
  4. The Law of Patience:Your followers wont go up within a night. Be patient and you will see the results eventually.
  5. The Law of Compounding:If you publish more interesting and unique work, people will share it with their followers which will increase the search engine rating of your company.
  6. The Law of Influence:Find people that would be interested in your product and services. Connect with those people and work on the relationship you have with them. If they like your product, they may be a very big part in your success.
  7. The Law of Value:Don’t just post about your product, add some values and inspirational post. Customers wont look at your social media if you just brag about your product, try to connect with your customer and show them your company is better than the rest.
  8. The Law of Acknowledgment:Acknowledge every person that reaches out to you. Building relationship with your customer is the key for success.
  9. The Law of Accessibility:Be available to your audience, don’t just publish your content and disappear. If you disappear for a week or more, people may forget about you and never come back.
  10. The Law of Reciprocity:You cant expect others to follow you or share your content if you don’t do the same thing for them. Share and talk about other peoples post and they will do the same for you.