VR getting more real, touch things with your hand


Whenever you put on a VR headset, naturally you want to touch and interact with things with your hand. Now that is possible with Leap Motion Sensor. This company has been working on this technology called Orion for a long time and they came up with many prototypes, but these prototype were not accurate. To present this product, Leap Motion designed a prototype which you can strap on to latest Gear VR and connect it through USB type C port. Compared to any other VR headsets, mobile VR headsets are somewhat hard to use because of touch pad or a controller. Leap Motion Mobile Platform has no remote or any kind of other devices to control the headset, all you need is your hands and you are ready to-go. It also doesn’t need any kind of external camera to read the hand gestures of the user. There are lots of things that are expected from a VR headset but for now Leap Motion is way ahead of all other company.