Our Services


Print is thought of as one of the strongest elements in visual communication. Creation of strong design pieces through the use of Typography, color theory, and layout are essential. Medina=CITI uses those elements along with our understanding of your product and company identity to create strong print work. The core elements to design must always be observed to create an end result that will interest your demographic.
  • Signage, Posters and Billboards
  • Marketing collateral
  • Bus wraps
  • Proposals
  • Logo and identity development
  • Apparel
  • Book covers
  • Magazine editorial
  • Promotional materials

Web Design

Development of a successful web identity requires a strong plan. The design, development, information architecture, and optimization of your website is researched and beta tested to assure a quality product. We work with you to determine your needs and determine you target demographic, thus being able to develop a powerful interactive solution that truly sets you apart.

  • Responsive websites
  • Custom Wordpress sites
  • Mini-sites and landing pages
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Content management systems

Social Media

The effective use of social media outlets has demonstrated its ability to increase the awareness of a brand, product, or event. Managing your social media through various platforms allows you to reach out to and engage your audience. Need to inform your clients of an Upcoming Event? Experiencing trouble connecting to or reaching your target audience? Do you need to attract more users to your site? MEDINA = CITI is able to effectively measure and optimize your social media influence.

  • Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
  • Youtube, Instagram and Vine
  • Google+
  • Blog design
  • App development
  • Social media campaigns
  • E-mail newsletter


Photography in itself can be commercial or artistic, and can make personal or public statements. Photography is always the capturing of an instance, of a subject for a purpose. All avenues and angles for photography are possible for our clients.

What is the need? All can be accomplished. From airbrushing to color correction, the full spectrum can be yours. On-site or off-site photography sessions are options, as well as indoor or outdoor settings.

  • Commercial, Editorial and Corporate Photography
  • Product and Cuisine Photography
  • Photo retouching and color correction
  • Photo restoration
  • Art direction and styling
  • Event photography
  • Portraits

Video & Rich Media

The process of capturing moving images is one that requires creative development, planning and concise execution. The media team at MEDINA = CITI are experts at turning storyboards into a solid finished piece. Be it an online video strategy, viral release or a full out commercial, we are dedicated to crafting a product that will speak to your audience.

  • Pre-production
  • Storyboards
  • Production
  • Color correction
  • Postproduction
  • Video editing
  • Post VFX


Crafting innovative digital marketing strategies in today's market requires honed communication techniques and the creation of stellar visuals. Most important to a successful campaign is to have an in-depth knowledge of the demographics' touch points. We have to answer a need and want without your audience even knowing those needs and wants existed before. Are you with us? At MEDINA = CITI you can rest assured we will create a custom marketing campaign that will hit the mark with your audience, create waves of change and influence your demographic to take action.

  • Branding and logo Design
  • Asset creation for print and digital media